YouTube on your Free iPad

YouTube on your Free iPad The YouTube app has been designed specifically to take advantage of all the capabilities the new iPad has to offer. The high-resolution screen makes YouTube videos look amazing, especially those that are in HD. The content is also organized in a brand new way so that each clip you see is easy to navigate and watch via your iPad. Simply tap what you want to see and the video will automatically appear in its full screen mode. Then, you can use your fingers to play, pause and advance through whatever video you have chosen. Turn the iPad sideways and automatically it will change and begin playing the video in a widescreen mode.

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On YouTube you never know exactly what it is you’re going to find, it could be your favourite music video, clips from an old TV series or a wedding gone hilariously wrong but thankfully it is now much easier to find using the new iPad. From one uncluttered interface it is possible to browse through videos and read comments, as well as being able to check out Featured, Related, Most Viewed, and Top Rated videos with ease. Simply tap the search field on the Multi-Touch display screen and the onscreen keyboard will immediately appear so that you can type in your keyword. When you find what you’re looking for you can watch it in the full screen mode there and then or simply bookmark it and watch it at a later date. It is even possible to relive your finest YouTube moments on the new iPad as it is also capable of searching through your entire viewing history. YouTube on the iPad also remembers your account name making it very easy to rate and leave comment on the videos you have watched and if it’s one of those videos that are just so funny that you have to share the laughs with your family and friends, on the new iPad you can send it to them via email in an instant. Simply tap share on any YouTube video detail page and iPad will immediately create an email with the video link already in it! You can even post it to Facebook if you wish!