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Apple Mac Repairs in London

Common Problems with Mac Device

  • Completely dead, no power
  • Just led light is on & fans are moving
  • Faulty Logic board of Macbook or iMac we can repair
  • Mac freezing problem, crashing & lines coming up on screen
  • Keep shutting down, restarting itself
  • Never goes to sleep mode, or never wake up after going to sleep mode
  • Broken USB or Firewire ports
  • Crack or broken screen
  • Crack glass
  • Power supply problems
  • Any software issue
  • HDD failure & Graphics Card failure!
  • SSD compatibility (Thermal Sensor Connector)
  • Vertical lines appearing on display?
  • No chime at start up  or Overheating of Mac device
  • New superdrive install causing problems
  • Power button is totally depressed and will not return to correct posit .

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