Apple Cinema Display Repairs

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The Apple Cinema Display is a line of flat panel computer monitors designed in anodized aluminum. Nowadays they are know as Apple Thunderbolt Display.

Due to the large number of pixels (2560 × 1600), they requires a dual-link dvi capable graphics card. All current Macs come with a mini display port connector which can be used with a separately sold adapter to run the 30-inch display.

Thunderbolt technology is the fastest, most flexible I/O ever lets this display do amazing things.

Following are most common problems which can occur with Apple Cinema Display

  • LED cinema display switching on and off, we can deal with it either by repairing it a logic board level or replacing it for you.
  • Replacement of broken Glass
  • Cinema Display, Completely DEAD (power surge) this can be repaired at our shop.
  • Graphics card replacement
  • Cable and power cord for older apple cinema display
  • We also buy the old models of HD cinema display and you can trade in for new Apple Thunderbolt display.
  • Display Problems like Lines in middle, Flickering display, Screen gone completely black or different colors. All can be dealt at Apple Repairs in London Quickly and Same Day with Pick and Drop as well.

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